Working With Me

What happens during a Tapping Well session?

Sessions take place online

If you are new to Tapping Well, book your FREE 30-minute Exploration

What happens in your Free Exploration Session?

This is your opportunity to ensure that you are comfortable with my working process and Me,
because this is an investment in your holistic wellbeing. You need to feel confident in your choice of practitioner.

The client-practitioner relationship is the key to a successful outcome – there needs to be mutual synergy and flow.

This is our opportunity to have an informal chat and briefly discuss the issue(s) you would like to address using EFT.

I introduce the 9 Basic Tapping Points and then we do some tapping together. This gives you an sense of how I work with clients.

You get to experience practitioner-led EFT for yourself. In just a few minutes of Tapping, your nervous system can begin moving into a calmer restorative healing state.

What happens after your Free Exploration Session?

If you are happy to move forward, your next step would be to schedule your New Client Session.

Once you have booked your New Client Session, a Booking Confirmation Email is sent. It includes your Zoom appointment link.

You are then sent a Client Registration Form to complete.

*This needs to be returned 48 hours before your scheduled appointment.

*This 48-hour window allows me time to go through your form before our session!

Your pre-session registration also ensures that your New Client session is not heavily weighted with administrative intake procedures.

This means we can get Tapping sooner!

Your New Client Session

We first settle into the present moment with some centering breathwork and
do a round of tapping together to settle any pre-session nerves.

We go over your Registration Form, and briefly discuss your focus for our sessions.

I answer any queries that come up.

Optional Tap-Along: Ancestral Line Clearing with EFT

I invite you to join me in doing this cleansing round of EFT tapping,
which is based on the work of EFT Founding Master, Jacqui Crooks.

I have found this short protocol to be a very powerful tool in my personal EFT work, and for my clients as well.

It lays the groundwork for change and progress.

It allows the release old inherited patterns & beliefs that have come through the family line, passed down to you with the best of intentions…

This creates a path for you to let go of patterns and beliefs which you have unknowingly carried, which were never yours.

This enables you to be truly present as You, working through your own experiences on your personal Journey of Transformation.

This opens the doorway to begin Tapping into You!

Fun Facts

You will be tapping on yourself, fully guided & supported by me, as you move through the meridian end points. We tap together as a team.

You Mirror My Actions & Echo ‘My’ Words.

Paradoxically ‘my’ words are based on your Feelings / Intuitive Insights / Body Sensations / Beliefs, reflected back to you.

I encourage all clients to keep their eyes open as we tap together through the acupressure points, also known as acupoints.

Between tapping rounds, I guide you to briefly close your eyes, focus inwards, and reconnect with your body, thoughts & emotions.

With non-judgmental curious awareness, we ask the questions: What’s Changed? – Remained the same? – Amplified? – Released? For you…

All Tapping Well sessions follow a similar structure that is designed to prioritise your needs and goals, to ensure that
you gain the most benefit from our time together and feel empowered to continue using tapping on your own long-term.

A Typical Tapping Well Session


Our end goal is always the same, irrespective of your personal journey or your issue.
We are working together towards the gifts of Self-Compassion & Loving Kindness,
on the Path to Finding Your Emotional Freedom!

Every Tapping Well session consists of Five Elements:

  1. PAUSE
    Every session begins with a simple Pause… into stillness, connecting with the Breath, quietening the Mind, feeling into the Body. This brings you into the present moment, allowing you to re-focus all your energies into You.

    We then do a Settling-In tapping round, just acknowledging how you are feeling right now, in this moment, in order to clear the space mentally and energetically. This tapping round helps you to narrow your focus on to the issue you would like to work on in the session.

    What happens next is always unique & special, no two sessions are alike, as we begin to explore what is coming up for You today… as we begin Tapping Together on your issue.

    In this safe, supportive space, you can be honest and open – with Yourself!
    This enables you to recognise, acknowledge, & Investigate the feelings and emotions which surround your issue. Together we discover the core beliefs which underpin these past events and influence your present day interactions.

    As we bring each session to a close I ensure that you are recentered within yourself by bringing you back to the Body & the Breath. This enables you to reconnect with the present moment and carry a sense of grounding and equanimity into the rest of your day, irrespective of what is next on your to-do list.

    Your healing and transformation carry on beyond the work done in our session together. The new thought patterns, beliefs and connections formed continue integrating within your Physical, Mental, Emotional and Soul-Spirit energetic systems.


I also provide you with simple Tapping Well Tools & Scripts to enable you to continue Tapping between sessions.
I believe that this is the keystone to growing your confidence towards independent empowered self-tapping.

======= O =======

The healing power of the Mind-Body-Spirit connection is within All of Us.
Using the tools of EFT, You can Heal Your Own Life.

To cancel or reschedule a session a minimum of 48- Hours Notice is required!

You can cancel or reschedule specific sessions as long as you give 48 hours notice, after which it is payable in full.  
Refunds are subject to a $5.00 administration charge plus a 3.5% credit card transaction fee.

Our equitable cancellation policy ensures that you do not lose out if you need to cancel part of a block of prepaid sessions.

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