What Tapping Well clients are saying about their experience

From Anxiety and Panic to feeling Relaxed & Happy!

First Session Review:

The whole EFT Tapping session was done with such kindness and empathy. Margot asked probing questions and listened to my answers never rushing me.

Being with me at every step of the process Margot did the tapping with me making sure I was doing it properly.

This in turn provided me with a safe and secure environment in which to be honest and open myself up. Which in turn allowed me to feel the benefits of Tapping.
Ann C.

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Following on from my initial session with Margot,  I went on to have a few more sessions.

In my follow up sessions Margot got me to open up and talk about my anxieties/panic attacks (which as a private person is not something that comes easy to me).

Margot has such a lovely warm manner, nothing was ever rushed she listened without judgment. When I talked she took lots of notes.  Margot is very knowledgeable about the benefits of Tapping and how it would help with my anxieties/panic. It was what I needed to hear.

During each session Margot would make up a script to follow. It was tailor made to centre around what we had talked about. How to say it in the correct order to the pressure points.

In doing this it allowed me to become more confident in what I would be doing on my own. We would go through the script a couple of times to make it easier for me to remember when I did it on my own.

I have now reached a point that by Tapping every day I am more relaxed and happier than I have been in a long time.

Margot, Thank You for your time and patience. I could not have done it without you.


My Body, Mind and Spirit feel lighter!

Session Review:

I felt you had adapted your skills and tuned into the core issue at hand which made a massive Impact on the session.

Last night I had the most amazing sleep, I slept deeper than ever before, and when I awoke this morning, felt totally refreshed. 

I do feel we tapped on all residues of the tapping session from Tuesday, because my body, mind and spirit feel lighter.

So, thank you so much for acting upon the deeper cause at hand. Looking forward to next week’s session with you.

Patricia D.


Being able to say what you are feeling without being judged…

First Session Review:

I was very pleased with the way Margot conducted the session. She was very intuitive and sensitive and made me feel very safe.

As a consequence of that I was able to say what I was feeling without the worries of being judged.

Also, I think that the online experience was excellent.

J. Manning


The whole experience was very professional…

First Session Review:

I liked your clear instructions which were delivered in a calm and confident manner. You remained attentive throughout the session and the whole experience felt very professional.

I can’t think of any areas that could be made better or improved upon.

Michael F


I am Perfectly Imperfect and I Love & Accept Myself!

Final Session Review:

Dear Margot,

Thank you so much for your tapping sessions with me. It brought me much further in my inner development. I don’t let the problems of my life take possession of me anymore as I used to. I realised the anger I face from others is most of the time their anger they like to put over me to get rid of it. I learned to give it back to them, a lot of times.

I also realised where my pattern, I use to protect me, is coming from and I can start to change this pattern. You taught me even to realise certain things without getting into anger to the persons who harmed me.

Your tapping lessons allow me to find inner peace and react better to the surprises of life. I learned that I do not have to hide, I’m Perfectly Imperfect and I love and accept myself. Thank you so much Margot!!!!

With lots of love,


I now have my life back & lots of tools to help myself in the future!

Session Review:

You provided a safe space to explore difficult issues. You did this by allowing me to access difficult places in my life, but you were able to make sure I was not overwhelmed.

You are very sensitive to how I am and where I can take myself. You are also very patient and warm but at the same time professional.

The speed is excellent, and you always give good explanations about why we are doing something which I like.

Velma E.

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After years of back and leg pain which was debilitating in the day and kept me awake at night, I am now virtually pain free.

I had regular tapping session with Margot, and she helped me release the pain and supported me through the process.

Margot has real intuition and understanding of how pain manifests itself and ‘gets stuck’ and she has many different ways of helping.

She is understanding, patient, kind and insightful and it was wonderful having her support.

I now have my life back and lots of tools to help myself in the future.

Margot will give you space to explore your pain in a safe environment and the confidence to let it go, I would highly recommend her.

Warm wishes


There was a feeling of Safety and Warmth…

Peer Review:

Margot was the first EFT swap I did and I instantly was able to let my emotions flow with Margot. There was a feeling of safety and warmth that radiates from Margot.

I believe as a practitioner Margot is gifted and talented.

I would recommend her to anyone wanting a caring and powerful practitioner.

Healer and entrepreneur


To say that Margot was thorough would be an understatement!

I absolutely loved my session today with Margot. I came in feeling very vulnerable and I left feeling calmed down, centered and reconnected with the spirit of the universe.

Margot uses several different disciplines along with EFT. She targets trauma and emotional imbalance and eradicate them.

To say that Margot was thorough would be an understatement. There was no part of the trauma that I was working on healing, that was left untouched and unaddressed. Her depth and breadth were breathtaking. 

I can’t recommend Margot enough if you’re having trauma or emotional upset. It’s well worth a session because the results are so great. 

Annie Sensenig, USA


She knew exactly where to go & I felt like our energies were in sync…

Margot immediately put me at ease, with her warm smile and calm, sensitive and compassionate demeanor. She was very intuitive and I felt that she was able to guide me to where we needed to go. I felt that safe and listened to.

I particularly enjoyed the Imagineering Technique in which we shone a light inside my body to see what was going on, it was very, very powerful and I could feel the healing benefits of it which were profoundly instant! This is definitely a tool I would like to concentrate more on with her. I had not experienced this in other EFT sessions.

I don’t think I could offer any feedback on what could have made it better, Margot was so on point with it all. She knew exactly where to go and I felt like our energies were in sync.

Kimberley S, London UK


Gently helped me feel feelings I needed to approach…

You very gently helped me feel feelings I needed to approach.

I particularly appreciated your quick and kind way of adjusting to my needs and inputs, letting me guide what I am comfortable with while giving me a safe space to venture beyond my comfort zone, allowing me to make progress in a safe environment.

MB, Switzerland

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