About me

Finding MY emotional freedom with EFT

EFT International is the world’s Leading Professional EFT Association
for Excellence in Emotional Freedom Techniques since 1999.

My trainer/mentor is Master Trainer, Peter Donn (The EFT Training Centre);
Peter was trained by the founder of EFT, Gary Craig.

I did not choose EFT – EFT chose me!

I am a citizen of the world. I have lived on three continents and have had the opportunity to meet many wonderful people on my travels.

From my multicultural beginning on the Caribbean island of Trinidad, to my sojourns in Europe, East Asia, and the USA where I currently reside, I have been able to fully appreciate that there is more that unites us than separates us.

We all want to be loved & accepted – to be enough.

During this time I have experienced life to the full with its myriad of roller-coaster highs & lows, just as you have.

EFT has been a source of enrichment and blessing in my life.

I tap every day, even several times a day when necessary, as I continue to learn more about myself and clear all the heavy emotional ‘rocks’ I have piled up in my rucksack on my journey through life.

My favourite pastimes are whooping for joy, dancing like nobody’s watching, singing in the shower, connecting with my friends & family, tai chi, making ‘Me Time’ for meditation, and Tapping into Me!

On my journey I have worn many hats – from Daughter, to Sister, to Wife, To Mother, to Physicist, to Teacher, to Scientific Writer, to Expat Explorer, to Library Manager and finally to EFT Practitioner.

EFT calls to me – it is my soul destination, my opportunity to serve the world as its citizen.


Why EFT means ‘Tapping into me’…

After all other treatment methods had proved to be ineffective, EFT enabled me to let go of the chronic lower back pain which I had suffered from for 38 years!

EFT continues to empower me to create further transformations within myself, beyond anything I could have imagined.

Letting go of my emotional ‘rocks’ continues to be freeing and uplifting. I start every day with a few rounds of tapping – sets me up for a great day however challenging or celebratory it turns out to be.

Read my story of how EFT chose me here...

EFT helps us to unlock our inner potential

and learn how to truly love and accept ourselves

as we navigate our individual journeys through life.

I would welcome the opportunity to share in Your EFT Journey!