Find Your Inner Freedom with EFT…

“When we change the way we look at things
The things we look at change”
Wayne Dyer

Tapping into the Transformational Power within You


Accredited Certified EFT Practitioner
Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner



Release * Rebalance * Renew

Tapping Well uses Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), also known as Tapping. EFT is an evidence-based mind-body energy healing method.

Stimulating meridian acupoints on the face/upper body by fingertip ‘Tapping’, whilst focusing on an issue, allows the gentle release of trapped emotions and associated stressors.

Current neuroscience research shows that the stresses and traumas which we experience, affect our mind, body and emotions, which are all interconnected within our energy system.

EFT works simultaneously with our thoughts, emotions and their physical manifestation in our bodies, helping us to access and release the emotional charge still held inside from painful life experiences.

EFT can be used in two essential ways:

  • Short-term, readily available, self-help, which enables you to regulate in the moment – for Emotional First Aid.
  • Practitioner-led supported sessions – this can be an effective and time-efficient way to achieve lasting transformational shifts. This safe space enables you to gently release trapped emotions from difficult the life events, which underpin current patterns and self-limiting negative beliefs.

Identifying, letting go, and realigning, allows energy to once again flow freely, restoring energetic balance.

But EFT only works if you use it! And that’s where You come in… 🌷🌈🦋

My heart’s intention is to resource & support You in using EFT as an integral part of your holistic self-care, with the capability and confidence to use your EFT self-help toolkit as you navigate life’s challenges.

It would be my privilege to support you on Your EFT Journey of Transformation!

To discuss your needs & goals, I invite you to schedule your Free Exploration Session.

Love, Light & Truth


Allow me to Support, Teach, & Empower You!


to create the habit of using EFT, to Release what doesn’t serve you & to Discover the healing energies & Power that have always been within You


how to use EFT Tapping as a holistic self-help tool, for alleviating ‘dis-Ease’ within both your mind & body, by
Re-balancing your energy system


to use EFT to let go of limiting core beliefs, to allow Abundance, Transformation and Renewal into your life – to Find Your Inner Freedom...

Session Structure – How we work together

Every tapping session is structured in a holistic integrated manner,
to ensure that you feel fully supported within a safe, healing space,
that is in harmony with your session goals.

The Five Elements of every TappingWell session are:


Settling & Focusing

Tapping Together



At the end of each session self-help Tapping Well Tools are provided
so that you feel empowered to continue
tapping on your own with confidence.


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Fairy Glens Skye
Heather Skye
St Albans sunset

Your tapping lessons allow me to find inner peace and react better to the surprises of life. I learned that I do not have to hide…
With lots of love, Julianna


I instantly was able to let my emotions flow with Margot.

I would recommend her to anyone wanting a caring and powerful practitioner.


Healer and Entrepreneur


The whole session was done
with such kindness and empathy.
Margot asked probing questions
and listened to my answers
never rushing me.


Fairy Glens2

I felt you had adapted your skills and tuned into the core issue at hand
which made a massive impact on the session.
Last night I had the most amazing sleep…
Patricia Dick, Germany


I was very pleased with the way Margot conducted the session.
She was very intuitive and sensitive and made me feel very safe.
I was able to say what I was feeling without the worries of being judged.
Also, I think that the online experience was excellent.

J. Manning


You very gently helped me feel feelings which I needed
to approach. I particularly appreciated your quick
and kind way of adjusting to my needs & inputs,
letting me guide what I am comfortable with…
MB, Switzerland


I now have my life back and lots of tools to help myself in the future. Margot will give you space to explore your pain in a safe environment and the confidence to let it go…


balance-TW slider

I came in feeling very vulnerable.
I left feeling calmed down, centered,
and reconnected with the spirit of the universe…
Annie Sensenig, USA


I particularly enjoyed the Imagineering Technique in which we shone a light inside
my body to see what was going on. It was very, very powerful and I could
feel the healing benefits of it, which were profoundly instant!
I had not experienced this in other EFT sessions.
Margot was so on point with it all.

Kimberley S, London UK

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